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Range rover sport gear change problem

Our certified mobile mechanics come to you 7 days a week between 7 AM and 9 PM. Average rating from customers who received a Car does not shift from park to drive Inspection.

Learn More. What do you do now? Forcing the shifter out of park may cause more damage. The shifter is connected to the transmission in some cars mechanically or electronically. A top-rated mobile mechanic will come to your home or office to diagnose the problem with your vehicle. The mechanic will then provide an inspection report detailing the scope and cost of the necessary repairs. Have this system inspected only when a part in the shifter or part of the system that operates the transmission breaks].

There is no scheduled time frame for replacing parts in the shifting system. However, all parts can wear out and have the potential to fail, and in a perfect situation, all the parts in the shifting system would last the life of the vehicle. There are a number of reasons why a car will not move from park to drive. They can range from the shifter being locked to a broken shifter cable.

Mechanics will check for these things:. Bad shift interlock solenoid or wiring: The shift interlock solenoid is a safety feature that has been added to all modern automatic-transmission cars. It prevents the driver from shifting out of park without a foot on the brake. Broken transmission shift cable: A cable connects the shifter handle to the transmission, and if that is broken, the shifter will be inoperable.

Ignition key tumbler is worn out: The ignition switch not only starts your car, but it also locks the steering wheel when the key is taken out.

2012 Land Rover Range Rover Sport

In cars with automatic transmissions, a shift interlock solenoid is also part of the ignition system, and it locks the transmission so it cannot be shifted out of park as described above. Broken shifter mechanism: It is also possible that the shifter itself is broken. A mechanic will remove the center console to examine the actual shifter mechanism. Get an upfront price. Service Area. How A Diagnostic Works Instantly book a certified mobile mechanic to come to you.

Mechanic diagnoses the problem and quotes necessary repairs. Your vehicle is ready to go. Our certified mobile mechanics can come to you now. See availability. When to have your shifter inspected or replaced: Have this system inspected only when a part in the shifter or part of the system that operates the transmission breaks].

Symptoms that may indicate your shifter will fail include: Shifter can be moved but has a lot of resistance When shifting into a gear, drive or reverse, it feels difficult to find the right spot. The transmission ends up in neutral instead. When starting the car with the key, the ignition cylinder feels loose and has play. No brake lights in the vehicle, brake pedal switch could be faulty.

Mechanics will check for these things: Failed brake light switch Bad shift interlock solenoid or wiring: The shift interlock solenoid is a safety feature that has been added to all modern automatic-transmission cars. Broken transmission shift cable: A cable connects the shifter handle to the transmission, and if that is broken, the shifter will be inoperable Ignition key tumbler is worn out: The ignition switch not only starts your car, but it also locks the steering wheel when the key is taken out.

Is it safe to drive with this problem?It combines the agency of the traditional Land Rover with the performance and hard-to-match amenities of a high-end sedan. Yet, despite its sheer strength, the Range Rover Sport is not immune to commonplace faults and failures.

Being able to identify these problems early can help you avoid costly repairs. Here are some common problems that could be ailing your beloved vehicle. Problems with the front lower suspension arms are quite common for most Range Rover Sport models. The most ominous sign of a faulty front suspension is a knocking sound when you are driving at a low speed. To diagnose a front suspension problem, drive the vehicle forward and in reverse while engaging the foot brake.

If you hear a knocking sound when you apply the brakes, the bushes on the lower suspension arm could be faulty. Although the bushes are the culprit, it is usually more feasible to replace the entire front suspension arm than to replace a damaged bush.

Your vehicle's differential works to transfer power from the engine to the transmission and wheels. Inadequate lubrication can damage the differential. Look out for a whining sound when driving at a consistent speed. The noise could be emanating from a dry and worn differential. To check the physical state of the differential, remove the drain plug and place a sample of oil in a clear container.

range rover sport gear change problem

Check for a glittery appearance in the oil — this may be a sign the fluid is contaminated. Have your differential fluid replaced every 30, miles to avoid costly repairs. Even then, your mechanic should check the oil during your regular maintenance schedule. In addition to the ominous yellow light on the dashboard, an air suspension fault will lower your vehicle to normal height and prevent you from raising the vehicle.

You may also notice that some corners of the vehicle are higher or lower because the burst air springs are unable to support the vehicle's weight. Although leaking air springs are the most common cause of air suspension problems, a host of other issues could result in this failure.

Before changing the air springs, schedule a diagnostic check with your mechanic to determine the exact cause of the faulty air suspension. A number of factors could cause your vehicle to lose power and to run rough. This problem could result from a vacuum leak, a worn timing belt, a faulty catalytic converter, a problematic fuel pump and airflow sensor, or a malfunction in the ignition coil.Before exiting the vehicle, make sure that the vehicle is stationary.

Select Park P. Switch the engine off. The vehicle can move unexpectedly with any other gear position selected, which may result in death or serious injury. Never select P while the vehicle is in motion. Doing so can result in serious transmission damage. Never select Reverse R while the vehicle is in forward motion. Never select a forward gear while the vehicle is moving backward.

Do not press the accelerator pedal when making a gear selection. Do not allow the vehicle to remain stationary for a prolonged period, with a drive gear selected and the engine running. The vehicle may move unexpectedly with any other gear position selected, which may result in damage to the vehicle. The selection status of the gear selector and the steering wheel's paddle shifts is displayed in the message center.

When the engine starts, the gear selector elevates from its lowered, stored position and the transmission remains engaged in P. To select Drive DNRor Ppress the brake pedal and then rotate the gear selector to the required position. The relevant indicator lamp, by the gear selector, illuminates to confirm selection. When in Dgear changing is fully automatic.

The gear change shift points are determined by the accelerator pedal position and the vehicle's current speed. To achieve rapid acceleration kickdown while in, D quickly press the accelerator pedal to its full travel. When the accelerator pedal is relaxed, normal automatic gear changing resumes.

If pressure is applied to the gear selector before the brake pedal is pressed, the selected gear may not be available. In this situation, remove pressure from the gear selector, make sure that the brake pedal is pressed, and then select the required gear again.

To select Sport S mode from Dpress the gear selector down and rotate to S. The transmission remains in the lower gears for longer, improving mid-range performance. To deselect S mode, rotate the gear selector back to D. Before selecting DRNor Pmake sure that the vehicle is stationary and the brakes are applied. Steering wheel paddle shifts: Allow manual gear selection, while the selector is in either the D or S position. Lightly pull the left-side paddle shift for down-shifts or lightly pull the right-side paddle shift for up-shifts.

The paddle shifts can be configured to be active in both D and Sor active in S only. Use the Vehicle settings instrument panel menu. The paddle shifts can be effective when rapid acceleration and engine braking are required. A gearshift indicator warning lamp illuminates briefly at the recommended up-shift gear change point.

With D selected, each manual gear change via the steering wheel paddle shifts is temporary.The vehicle looks awesome both inside and out. I test drove the V6 which was pretty unimpressive so I got the V8.

Tons of power, fast and the exhaust sounds great. Now for the negatives. Nothing but problems with the electronics and infotainment system. Back-up camera did not work consistently. Visibility when backing up is limited using the mirrors so the camera is pretty much a necessity.

range rover sport gear change problem

One night the vehicle just would not start for about 20 minutes. A couple of times the Air Conditioner randomly decided to turn itself off. I complained to the dealer and they had me bring it in for repair. They did a software update to the system to address the problems. After the update some new problems appeared that were not present prior to the update.

The interior ambient lighting resets to the highest setting after the ignition is turned off - and sometimes the vehicle will randomly change my color selection to the white light setting.

Radio presets on the lower touchscreen also developed a problem where they would appear for about a second and then disappear before I can use them. Other one off random glitches occur every couple of days.

I contacted the dealer regarding the new problems and I was told there is currently no fix for them. Some sort of corrupt software problem that they are trying to sort out. The dealer put me on a list with other people having problems and will call when a new software update is available. Everyday is a new adventure in problems and glitches with the electronics. The Range Rover Sport is looks great, drives great, but the new technology is awful! I specifically waited for the model with the new touchscreen technology throughout, and this vehicle was delivered in May of It is clear that this tech had not been thoroughly tested.

It is slow and VERY buggy. Some screens take a long time to come up and other times the screens are completely blank. I sent to dealer to update to the lasted version, and not much has changed since that update. My prior vehicle was a Tesla, which occasionally had to reboot, but otherwise worked seamlessly.

The interior technology and the accompanying mobile apps are so bad, that it almost outweighs how great this car drives. I should have taken that as a sign how problematic this vehicle was.Its also a good idea to change the transfer box and differential oils at the same time.

Lots of high speed motorway driving and towing will require shorter service intervals, in some cases it can be a good idea to replace the standard oil cooler for a more efficient system, we can advise on suitable improvements, just ask us for information. We specialise in diagnosing problems and servicing Automatic Gearboxes as fitted to Land Rover and Range Rover models, our transmission automatic gearbox service includes the following.

Its not enough to just change the gearbox oil or the oil and filter or have a MegaFlush type service carried out, if the work is NOT carried out correctly or inspection of the old oil, filter or sump pan is not completed correctly it is quite possible to make things worse, in fact you can actually loose all drive and be unable to use your car until the gearbox is rebuilt or repaired.

Unfortunately this is always a possibility when the transmission has not been serviced in line with our recommendations and practises as above, however careful checks can reduce the risk of further problems.

If you are already experiencing problems with your transmission system it is important to investigate the problem Before any work is carried out, as we recommend above. Check for leaks Return to the customer. Important Note!Land Rover Range Rover owners have reported 14 problems related to automatic transmission under the power train category.

The most recently reported issues are listed below. The dealer wanted much more than what I had paid for per the attached repair bill from euro car. When I received this letter, I called Land Rover north America and was told that I had to go through an authorized dealer to get reimbursed. Read more See all problems of the Land Rover Range Rover.

I have a Range Rover and my brother has a I just had my car towed today to Land Rover to fix a diff problem that obviously most models have and Land Rover wants to do nothing about it! Total bs that it breaks like that so quickly if at all. These are 78k trucks brand new. Totally unacceptable!. I purchased a new hse Range Rover along with a warranty extension formiles. During the second year of ownership, the "failed trans.

Program" warning started to appear, the car would suddenly shift into "limp" mode 2nd gear with a loud thud. Each time I took it to the dealership 3 different dealers I was told it was just a sensor. Nothing to worry about. I have taken it in for repair for this issue more than 8 times, my warranty just expired, and now I am told that I need a new transmission.

Common Problems and Fixes – Range Rover L322

I am livid. The car responded with a loud grinding sound when trying to apply gas. I was lucky that I was not on a highway and could pull the car over. The check engine light illuminated, there was a radiator leak and the left rear tire had a slow leak.

Land Rover Automatic Gearbox Problems

While driving on I the vehicle would not accelerate and shift gears. It started stalling and would do the same thing after the engine was turned off and on again. We drove mph on a highway with 18 wheelers careening around us. Took the vehicle to the dealership, we were told that it needed a new transmission. No explanation was given as to why with a vehicle barely 5 years old and only had 42, miles accrued.

We took it to a private transmission shop and they found the defect. There was a crack on the reverse piston which Land Rover was apparently aware of because an updated piston was manufactured.

All we would like was a refund for the repairs done but we were told no because we didn't go to the dealership. If it weren't for the private shop, we wouldn't have known about the defect in the first place. I still have the piston and the crack is clearly visible.

Vehicle shuts down on slight incline traction system engages dealer say normal, happens on a daily basis. The contact states there is NHTSA recall 00v concerning automatic transmission for a vehicle that is in dealer's shop being repaired.

This vehicle is experiencing the same problems as indicated in the recall. The consumer states that Land Rover Range Rover came out of the park lock function. This happened three times. The consumer was in the vehicle all three times, was able to hit the brake, and put the parking brake on. The consumer turned the vehicle off all three times.September 20, — Land Rover is recalling more than 22, SUVs with transmissions that can shift into neutral when they shouldn't, causing all kinds of serious problems if it occurs when driving.

Land Rover says the Discovery Sport and Range Rover Evoque SUVs have transmission sensor clusters that may have insufficient crimps in the transmission wire harnesses.

2014 Range Rover Sport Air Suspension Problems

In JuneZF North America contacted Land Rover concerning problems affecting other automakers caused by transmission wiring harnesses that weren't crimped properly. The August recall involves more thanZF transmission sensors relating to 9-speed automatic transmission wiring harnesses installed in vehicles by multiple automakers, including Land Rover.

ZF is the same company responsible for gear shifters installed in Chrysler vehicles that have caused more than complaints and reports of 68 injuries and crashes, in addition to a recall of 1. A ZF electronic shifter is also the primary focus into the death of actor Anton Yelchin when his Jeep Grand Cherokee rolled away and crushed him against a concrete mailbox.

range rover sport gear change problem

The Land Rover recall should begin October 14,when dealers will inspect the automatic transmission serial numbers and if required, will update the transmission software to prevent the transmissions from shifting into neutral.

Land Rover recalls 22, SUVs that may suddenly shift into neutral while driving.

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